My name is Latifa, I’m Wedding PLanner where I’m called !

It is said of me that I’m dynamic, spontaneous, passionate and bubbly. I’m mother of a child and married with the love of my life. I practice the profession of Wedding Planner for a few years now, in France where I live and abroad.

Having a keen sense of organization, I surround myself with professionals who know what matters and are ready to work as a teamthat approaches all projects with care and serenity.

Each marriage has it’s own identity that must reflect the personalities of the couple. Being at your service, during the months and weeks before the day, we will exchange regularly with you to create this identity. All in a good mood and with pleasure.

Evan De Sousa


Every season La Provence is a paradise. Lavender fields, olive groves, vineyards that surround perched villages, sea shores, beaches, nature and landscapes change all the time, the light and the colours are a pleasure to the eyes and there are different flowerfull fragrants everywhere. Call it Côte d’Azur, La Provence or just the coast of la Mediterranée, it’s beautiful and the most visited region of France.

Koot & Wedding offers you the possibility to enjoy the most beautiful day of your life in these sttings.