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Wedding at the Château Saint Georges – Grasse

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Wedding at The Chateau Saint Georges – Grasse

I would like to all my thanks to Latifa – the Best and the Perfect Wedding Planner . Thanks to her we had an amazing weeding on 25th of July 2020 even if it was a very difficult year because of the Coronavirus Pandemic we managed to have the perfect wedding in a magic place. I recommend her services with all the trust. I mention that we were coming from another country to France to organize the wedding and she helped us with everything: accommodation with the guests, airport transfers, location , food, flowers, make-up, hair-dresser, music, photographer , decorations, wedding cake. Everything was perfect. I was the Bride and Latifa and helped me a lot. I will always remember her. Thank you, Latifa.

Alina & Radu

Picture by Jeremie Bertrand Photographe
Venue: Château Saint Georges
Florist: Decoetharmonie

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