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The different stages for a successful secular ceremony!

What is a secular ceremony?

The secular ceremony is a formal celebration of your commitment, without a mayor or religious representative. It is also sometimes called “American ceremony”, “engagement ceremony” or “symbolic ceremony”. If you do not plan a religious ceremony but dream of exchanging your vows and covenants in a touching and memorable setting, the secular wedding ceremony is what you need!

1- Choose the place of the ceremony

The choice of place is primarily a question of budget. You can privatize a place (Domain, villa, castle, Mas), organize your ceremony in the garden of the family house, on a beach.

2- Choose the person who will be an officer

Whether it is a professional officiant or a loved one, making this choice early is important because it is with this person that will define the tone of the ceremony.

Of course, if you choose to create your own ceremony, then you can choose your officiant when you feel that the time has come.

4 – The course of the ceremony

A ceremony will usually include strong moments such as the exchange of greetings and the exchange of alliances, but you can totally customize it with symbolic rituals or interventions (reading texts, music, etc.).

You can easily find what you like and what you would like to have in your ceremony. The sequence will then consist of organizing these different moments for a beautiful ceremony and rich in emotion.

The creation of the event goes beyond a simple sequence of events, so that your ceremony is well paced, that it is not just a microphone and that it has the right dose of emotion, lightness and solemnity.