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Why are we celebrating our wedding anniversary?

The celebration of the wedding anniversaries is of pagan origin and rather obscure: Initially, these commemorations reminiscent of the primitive act concerned only certain anniversaries: the silver wedding anniversary of the 25 years of marriage, the wedding anniversary gold for 50 years of marriage and diamond weddings for 75 years of marriage (today become alabaster weddings while diamond is associated with 60 years of marriage). This mode of celebration of marriage anniversaries, common in the urban petty bourgeoisie, would have spread in the countryside in the nineteenth century.

As for the attribution of materials for each of the intermediate years between the marriage and the oak wedding, it is more of contemporary fantasy.

The tradition is to organize a party for important anniversaries (10, 20, 30 years …) and to wish each other in love, with romanticism! In this context, each couple will give the importance it wants and will be gifts, related or not with the subject of the year, or just a kiss.

Our tradition is to take the opportunity to offer us a single gift that will please us both and we choose together, whether a plant, a comic, a trip or a new TV … Cornelian choice, reward at the same time as testing our love! It’s up to you to invent yours.