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Why hire a wedding planner for your beautiful day – Big Question?

  • You will avoid the stress of the preparations !!!

Engaging a wedding planner is the most cost-effective investment of wedding preparations. Yes, ladies and gentlemen.

You are told that it will be the best day of your life but we do not talk about previous months that are often sadly stressed (the degree of stress will depend on the individual’s race, no comment ….).

Between us to avoid with darling for the preparations like surfing on internet returning from the job and the week end to find the good provider, to be sure that the D-DAY HE will be on time to see that it is not absent and that your first cousin who has always dreamed of being a DJ so sticks AHHHHHH! No no no! We agree we hire a Wedding Planner.

Do you know that you will need to spend about 200 hours preparing for your wedding. So what better than to delegate all that and have a little fairy at your side, huh?

Your only role will be to give your opinion, to choose among the providers that your wedding planner has proposed. Pfiou all thought well, it’s not bad at all.

  • You will have a listening ear.

So let’s imagine that I’m the one you choose…

I am listening to your doubts, your fears. You will count on your sweet and tender wedding planner to reassure you.

Will everything be ready on D-Day?

Will my dress please my darling, my guests?

And the menu, yes we have tasted it, but will it please everyone?

And the fiesta we talk about, the DJ will ensure?

Well, here I am to reassure you and make sure that everything goes as smoothly as YOU want it. Well it’s true there are always small surprises and there your wedding planner provides the unforeseen, as if by magic!

I have a panel of professionals. As a wedding planner I usually work with providers. Select, call, request quotes, get the best price, check contracts. You will be assured to collaborate with quality providers.

  • A wedding in your image.

One thing is certain, your wedding is in your image, unique and unlike any other. As I am attentive and attentive, your every desire is realized in every detail.

Each detail will be meticulously studied, from the calligraphy of the menu to the setting up. The choice of the color of the tablecloths with the choice of the flowers etc …

  • Days before the wedding

The advice I give is that a few days before the wedding and for the future bride to be in top form, it is to go to spend a few days with the girlfriends (it’s more fun) in a peaceful place, spa style. Take care of yourself, make a mask, get a massage. In short, relax what to avoid to put pressure.

And on whom we will rest to settle the last details, and on me of course! The wedding planner.

  • And D-Day then?

It is this day that my presence makes sense.

I become the chef d’orchestre of your day and evening. From the management of the providers to that of your guests and without forgetting the possible unforeseen, I take care of everything yes I said of everything. It’s that not fantastic?

So I advise you to hire a wedding planner for this great adventure. Today 80% of couples who decide to marry or remarry engage a wedding planner.

Take contact, I would be delighted to answer your questions and accompany you during this great adventure …