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Why is it important to train to become a ripping Wedding Planner!

Because this business is not just confetti and glitter, you do not need to remember that a good Wedding Planner has to be rigorous and fussy. Accompanying the bride and groom for a whole year requires patience and organization.

A Wedding Planner should not be afraid to train and confront the reality of the job. It is very rare to succeed this bold gamble that is the creation of a wedding planning agency without having gone through several trainings.

For my part I chose to train first in Paris and then I discovered The Training that matched me !! Eureka !!

That proposed by the National Alliance of the trades of the marriage. Wedding Label ©. These trainings are provided by Muriel Saldalamacchia, International Wedding Planner, editorial director of SUCCESS IN MARRIAGE.COM.

Even if no degree is really necessary, it is better to put all the chances on your side. A good wedding planner is therefore not afraid to go back without stopping in question and get out of his comfort zone.

The charter of excellence that has been designed to ensure quality services for all future married couples.

Label Marriage, it is a Charter of 14 clauses = 14 guarantees!

1.The labeled provider undertakes to practice clear commercial conditions.

2. The labeled provider undertakes to submit a professional liability when entering the Marriage Label, and whenever the customer requests it.

3. The labeled provider has a SIREN number.

4. The certified provider must have the compulsory diploma linked to his activity and present it at the customer’s request.

5. The labeled provider undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the client’s details and undertakes not to assign them under any conditions to a third party.

6. The labeled provider agrees to establish a contract signifying its mutual commitment with the customer (s), accompanied by a cost estimate, including VAT, and commercial conditions. At the customer’s request, the service provider must also provide an invoice.

7. The labeled provider undertakes not to practice an unfair pricing policy, respecting the average rates charged in his profession.

8. The labeled provider will make every effort to be available for the client (s), as far as possible and the existing means of communication.

9. The labeled provider agrees to find at least 1 appointment before the date of the event, to present the selected person who will represent it on the said – service.

10. The labeled provider undertakes to keep his knowledge and skills up to date, and to work within the rules of health and safety related to his activity.

11. The labeled provider undertakes never to denigrate a colleague, whether he is part of the label or not in front of his (their) client (s) or prospects.

12. The labeled provider provided recommendations from former customers and service providers with whom he worked to compete for the Label.

13. Each accredited provider is validated by his peers, upon presentation of his complete application.

14. Each labeled provider undertakes not to have any exclusivity contract with any other marriage professional.

It is therefore better to put your project on hold for a few weeks to train and gain experience rather than go head-on and not last.